Foodie Adventures: Crawfish Boil

For those of you that live in the South, you’ve probably heard of a crawfish boil. For my family & friends, this is one of the best times of the year! We gather around brown paper tables, wait for the boiled crawfish {and corn, sausage, potatoes} to be dumped out, drink a beer & mingle. Everyone brings a fun side or dessert to make the meal complete.

Who doesn’t love fruit in the summer? It refreshing, satisfying and helps you hydrate. Instead of the regular mixed fruit bowl, this year we went for a mock “Edible Arrangements” basket. It actually ended up being much easier than I thought. Cutting the fruit into shapes is the most time consuming part of it. Here are some photos to spark your creativity!

DIY Fruit Basket


Fruit: Pineapple, Apples, Grapes, Watermelon, Strawberries
Wooden skewers (2 different lengths)
Cute Basket
Styrofoam {for sticking skewers in basket}
Crinkle paper {for covering up styrofoam}


Cut fruit into shapes. For fruit that you don’t need to cut, wash & put in a bowl for easy access.

Crawfish Boil-2

Crawfish Boil-3

Start assembling the skewers with different patterns. We found it easy to do some patterns we liked, then copy them over and over to save time.

Crawfish Boil-5

Start by placing the tallest sticks in the middle, with the shorter sticks on the outside & put in diagonally

Crawfish Boil-7

Soon enough, it will look like this! Super easy.

Crawfish Boil-8

As for the rest of the crawfish boil…

Other tasty treats:

Crawfish Boil-9

Crawfish Boil-10

And… the crawfish

Crawfish Boil-41

Crawfish Boil-42

Crawfish Boil-43

Crawfish Boil-11

Crawfish Boil-14

Crawfish Boil-15

Crawfish Boil-19

Crawfish Boil-22

Crawfish Boil-48

What’s one of your favorite summer foodie traditions?


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