Client Spotlight: Cycling

Today I want to share an article that I hope will motivate you and inspire you in your own sports nutrition or fitness journey!

Coachable clients are the best clients. They listen. They implement. They email you and tell you it’s working… how cool is that?! It’s truly the best.

I want to post an article written by a previous client that has completely changed his life by doing something he really enjoys: cycling. From competitive cycling to cyclocross, he does it all. It served as his motivation to go from 305 lbs down to 195 lbs the healthy way: through fitness and good nutrition.

Instead of focusing on the general & vague goal of “I want to lose weight” or “I want to tone up”, set specific and SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) goals to hold yourself accountable. Think… “I am going to cycle 3 times per week” or “I am going to strength train 3 times per week to lose 1 lb per week”. Taking up a new activity can really help with this since you can focus your efforts on fitness goals as well as nutritional goals!

Here’s a little inspiration for your Friday morning:

The Bike Journey by Chris Hill

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Fueled Featured Links #3

It’s that time again… time to catch up on some reading & articles I’ve come across lately. It is really hard to just pick 20 of these, by the way! There are so many talented writers and bloggers out there. However, a few tips for when you are reading an article, especially about something new & groundbreaking on the nutrition front:

Check the resources
– do they reference any research? Is there multiple sources of proof or is there one measly research paper that only tested 5 people?

Check the credentials – is the person writing the article qualified to write it or is it their opinion?

Check the results – is the article pulling bits and pieces of research to make it fit their conclusion? Don’t let things that are out of context confuse you!


Moving on… Here are 20 awesome articles to read asap:

12 Fresh Smoothie Recipes for Spring via According to Elle {Look SO fresh & delicious!}

How Positive Thinking Can Mess You Up via Heather K Jones {Love the affirmations}

22 Powerful Productivity Hacks for Small Businesses via The Payroll Blog {Great tips!}

My Reasons for Blogging via I Heart Vegetables {#5 – yes!}

Tart Cherry Juice may help Insomniacs Sleep via Maggie Hennessy {Love tart cherry juice for many reasons now}

Dietitian tips for Vegan Athletes via CBC News {great info}

What’s Your Writing Process via Love Live Surf {mind-write, yes that’s me – love it}

Tips to Cut Costs on Clean Eating via Run to the Finish {Definitely relate to #4 and #5}

30-Minute Vegetarian Pho via Oh My Veggies {YUM}

7 Ways to Ease Muscle Soreness via RunWiki {Excellent tips & resources}

Is Adrenal Fatigue Making you Fat? via Kath Eats & Eat Chic Chicago {Love the diagrams & research}

Do the Heath Benefits of Herbal Teas Live up to the Hype? via Dallas Morning News (Neva RD quoted) {Tea addict here}

4 Simple Tips to Improve Running Today via Run to the Finish {Trying these!}

Things Blogging Taught Me – Part 2 via The Lean Green Bean {Spread the love!}

9 Common Migraine Triggers via Joy Bauer {Great to know}

 The Benefits of Active Rest via fitknitchick {YES!} 

Recipe: Strawberry Balsamic Dressing via The Lean Green Bean {Must make ASAP} 

Why You’ll Never have to Diet Again via Huffpost Healthy Living {Great info!} 

Lemon Chicken with Hazelnut Orzo via DailyBurn {YUM} 

Pesto Salmon with Roasted Artichoke Hearts via Joy Bauer {YUM}

Enjoy the reading and please link below to any noteworthy articles you’ve read lately!


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Fueled Featured Links #2

Another couple of weeks have passed. It’s time to catch up on some reading!

I hope you all had your Easter nap and are ready to get back to the grind today.


Enjoy the top 20 I read recently!

Fueled Featured Links:

Belly myths busted! via Huffington Post {I especially appreciate the “a calorie is a calorie” myth}

5 Reasons To Keep Blogging via MindBodyGreen

8 Remedies for Spring Allergies via Huffington Post {Dallas is #7 for top pollen cities – yuck}

Work Snacks Nutritionists Swear By via WorldLifestyle

Fried Cauliflower Steaks with Honey & Hot Sauce via Blogging Over Thyme

How to Fuel Your Workout with Salad via STACK

Strength is What’s Beautiful via The Lean Green Bean {LOVE!}

Black Bean & Quinoa Power Bowl via Lean, Clean & Brie {Yum!}

Top Photo Sharing Sites for Bloggers via Shared Appetite

15 High Intensity Workouts to do Anywhere via Carrots ‘n Cake

Organic is not a Synonym for Healthy via Pretty Little Grub

9 Foods Packed with Potassium via US News

NCAA Might Allow Student-Athletes Unlimited Meals via STACK {Finally! CPSDA has been working hard on supporting this!}

Black Bean Cakes with Guacamole via 3 Ladies & Their Gent

5 Simple Pre-Workout Breakfasts via According to Elle

Traveling with Diabetes via Lori Zanini

Healthier Version of Ranch Dressing via Shape

8 Last Minute Nutrition Tips for Boston Marathoners via Active

Mini Turkey Meatloaves via Joy Bauer

Low Vitamin D Linked to Disease via NY Times


Link below with any favorite articles you’ve read recently!


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