Swanson Giveaway!


This month is the 45th anniversary for Swanson Health Products… what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway!


Swanson was kind enough to contact me asking if I would want to participate in celebrating their long term success. Well, of course! Not only does Swanson offer great products, but their products are third party tested. We’ve talked about this before… it’s extremely important to consider when choosing supplements, especially if you’re a competitive athlete.

I was thrilled to receive this response when asking about the quality of their supplements & if they’re testing them:

We are recognized as a Registered GMP Facility by NSF International, the world’s leading authority on standards development and public safety. As participants in the voluntary NSF GMP program, our headquarters and bottling facility in Fargo are audited by independent investigators to ensure complete compliance with federal regulations. With over 65 years of experience operating in 80 countries around the world, NSF conducts investigations with the highest level of scientific and technical expertise. – Website

One of my favorite parts of online shopping is that it is delivered directly to your door. Instead of standing in a grocery aisle comparing products, here you can pick what you need knowing the quality is top-notch. I found some pretty great treats when browsing the site…

Organic Honey

Cocoa Nibs


Flaxseed Oil

Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

Check out Swanson’s Sweepstakes page for a chance to win 45 Healthy Foods and $500!

Did I mention the pricing is really reasonable?? With a $45 gift card, you can definitely load up on many of your favorites!

I encourage you to follow Swanson Health Products on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram!


Good luck! The giveaway starts now and lasts 24 hours!

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Training Table SportsMeals & Giveaway!

How many of us have a busy schedule? I know there have been plenty of times back in high school and even now when I’ve finished a workout, run through the kitchen to grab something and right out the door to the next task of the day.


Recovery, which we’ve talked about before, is crucial to performance whether you’re training for a marathon, triathlon or just life. Athletes that work out 60 minutes per day still need to recover like athletes that work out 2-3 hours per day.


Bottom line = recover!


Even after we immediately recover from a workout, it’s recommended to eat another recovery type meal in 2-3 hours to restore glycogen levels. For the morning athlete, this means a healthy and quality lunch. What do a lot of adult athletes seem to be taking for lunch these days? Frozen meals… meals that lack nutrients, have way too many preservatives and aren’t REAL food.


While I want you all to find ways to incorporate real food and good cooking techniques into your lives, sometimes you need an easy fix. A back up plan. A meal for the days you can’t get in the kitchen.


I’m excited to tell you that I’ve come across quite the alternative!


Imagine a lunch {or dinner} packed with real protein, fiber and nutrients. Now add in that you don’t really have to prep it the night before.


This is where the TRAINING TABLE SportsMeals come into play!

Training Table-1

They are packed with real food, quality nutrition and easy transport for the days you just can’t pack a meal from scratch.


Some of the details that really intrigued me about these meals include:

-TRAINING TABLE SportsMeals provide complete, high-quality protein from meat and whole black soybeans. They contain no preservatives, no artificial ingredients. Remember that protein is quite important when recovering from a training session {insert link to recovery post}

-They have a chicken OR beef chili on the market

-TRAINING TABLE SportsMeals deliver over half the Daily Value for fiber in each meal; that’s over 10 grams of fiber in one serving.

-The rich tomato sauces in TRAINING TABLE SportsMeals deliver performance benefits to a considerable extent due to lycopene content {high antioxidants}.  The other ingredients, like red and green bell peppers, garlic, and spices add to antioxidant content & increased blood flow

The company provides this breakdown as well:

All meals are

• Real Food, not a supplement

• High Protein—27-31 g protein per meal

• High Fiber—10-11 g fiber per meal

• No added sugar or fats and oils

• No artificial flavors or preservatives

• No refrigeration needed, microwaveable in its own tray

• Contain phytonutrients like lycopene from the tomato sauces, onions, green and red bell peppers, etc.

• Non-GMO whole black soybeans

Training Table-2

They were kind enough to send me some samples of each flavor. I was surprised how much it tasted like a thick and hearty chili compared to some of the microwaveable meals I’ve tasted. You can definitely tell the difference with the ingredients used!


Because the meal is adequate in protein, an athlete could add cornbread, fruit, brown rice or quinoa to boost the carbohydrate content making a perfect meal.

Training Table-the-fueled-athlete

I’m also drawn to the mission of the company. They want to “encourage athletes to opt for real, savory food, instead of a heavy reliance on sweet protein shakes, bars and meal replacements”. Nicely put!


Currently, Training Table SportsMeals are distributed across the country through sports nutrition stores, with a number of locations in Los Angeles, California but you can order these meals from any state online.


Training Table has generously sponsored this post wanting to host a giveaway! THREE lucky athletes will win a “dinner for two” of their chicken & beef chilis delivered directly to the winner’s door.


The winners (must be a U.S. resident) will be announced on Monday morning and notified via email. Meals will be shipped directly to the winner.


Good luck!


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Sneak in the Fruits & Veggies!

A BIG congrats to Liz for winning the Krave Jerky giveaway last week!

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to try some of Melissa’s fresh produce, including Green Dragon apples and Champagne grapes. Delicious!

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Krave Jerky Giveaway

Let’s continue with the giveaway spirit!

For many of my athletes, jerky is one of the easiest foods they can carry that is also high in protein. This comes in handy after 2-3 hours of endurance exercise. One of my favorite brands is Krave due to their variety of flavors (no boredom here!), the jerky is free of artificial ingredients and one serving is 8-12g protein. For ultra-endurance athletes the goal is 7-10g protein per hour. Perfect!

For any active individual, having protein in your snack will keep you full & those of you trying to lean up – it will keep you from losing lean muscle mass while you lose weight.


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Larabar Winner!

Happy Monday!

… And the winner for the Larabar giveaway is lucky number 8 – Jen! Congrats! Thanks for all the comments and entries.

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