Blog Break = Heartbreak

heart·break \ˈhärt-ˌbrāk\ noun
: a very strong feeling of sadness, disappointment, etc.
: crushing grief, anguish, or distress

Everyone gets busy. It actually isn’t even a valid excuse for anything anymore when someone replies with “I’m sorry, I’ve just been so busy”. Who isn’t, right? This is where is comes down to priorities.

Who is actually SO busy that they are skipping out on Grey’s Anatomy or Game of Thrones or {my personal favorite} Homeland? Oooooh… this is where it gets interesting. Very few. It comes down to priorities.


So this is my apology to all of you who have been wondering where the heck I have been the past month… there’s really no valid excuse. I’ve realized this little blog break has caused me some heartbreak. I’ve felt the sadness and disappointment of not interacting with all of you on a regular basis.

Yes… I moved. I received new projects at work. I’m trying to train Bella to roll over. The list goes on.

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The important news is I’m back…


Starting Monday, I have some great posts planned for the blog annnnd there is a big project in the works, which remains a secret for now.

Remember when I told you about Sahale Snacks?

Great news. They are touring around the US giving out samples of their newest inventions. I was lucky enough to try all three varieties and cannot wait to share some of my own creations with you!

Monday will roll out with a new recipe {from yours truly} containing the Berry Macaroon Almond Mix.

The Snack Better Tour is currently in California so check out their Facebook Page for details on where you can get some samples!

On a different note, what are you craving from the blog these days? Recipes? Sports nutrition education? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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