Cinco de Mayo Round Up!

In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo celebrations this weekend, I found some awesome round up posts on snacks, drinks and meals that are easy to make & delicious too!



Food Done Light Roundup

Greatist Roundup

Salsas, Dips & Spreads from Delish

Greatist Guacamole Roundup

10 Tasty Margaritas

Classic Margarita

Everyone loves to celebrate every now and then, but remember to recover and hydrate before your next training session!

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How the Nutrition Pros Recover

To follow up the series on fueling your workout, here is a quick recap of pre-, during- and post-workout nutrition.

Pre-Exercise (Carbohydrate + Fluid)

3-5 days prior to a race/competition – increase carbohydrates

Hydrate 1 oz per lb body weight

Day of: high carb + moderate protein + 24 oz water ~2 hours prior to exercise

During-Exercise (Carbohydrate + Fluid + Elec)

1-2 hours: water + sports drink

<2-5 hours: sports drink + protein

32-40 ounces per hour (no more than 48oz)

Post-Exercise (Carbohydrate + Fluid + Protein)

Recover ASAP with protein + carbohydrate

Replace every pound lost with 16-24 ounces water


Here are some of your favorite nutrition and/or fitness bloggers & pros sharing their favorite post-workout eats! Follow the link to their blog or twitter to find out more!

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