Looking to improve your nutrition for better performance & increased energy levels?


A few months ago, the creation of this eBook began after having several clients and friends ask about the basics of sports nutrition. While the Fueled Athlete blog goes over many different topics dealing with sports nutrition, I also thought it would be a good idea to have ALL of the basics in one spot – this eBook!


After reading The Fueled Athlete eBook, you can expect:

  • A mindset change so that you think of food as fuel for your body

  • Strategies for “fueling” rather than just “eating”

  • Improved performance by implementing the sports nutrition guidelines

  • Education so you know how and when to adjust your plan

  • Deeper understanding of sports nutrition for your specific sport/activity and goal(s)


This eBook is for you if you are:

  1. Dedicated to improving nutrition habits

  2. Open to trying new strategies

  3. Considered an “athlete”


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 So what’s in the book?


Inside the book: Example Pages

Table of Contents

Recipe Index

Specific Information on how to implement sports nutrition strategies


The latest research… made easy to understand with LOTS of examples and realistic options


14 delicious recipes made just for this ebook by Whitney over at Sweet Cayenne… based on sports nutrition principles


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Thank you for stopping by! I hope this ebook can help you with your specific performance goals!


Whether you’re someone who just reads the Fueled Athlete blog posts, someone who comments and emails, or someone who buys the ebook, I am so appreciative of your involvement in this site! Thank you for making the process of blogging an engaging and rewarding adventure.