Below are some of the services I offer as a consultant to individuals, teams or companies. From individual nutrition sessions to personalized meal plans, grocery shopping trips, and sports team travel planning, I am happy to help you achieve your performance goals through a variety of sports nutrition services!


Individual Meal Plan – $149

Includes 60-min nutrition assessment during a one on one meeting followed by a personal meal plan geared towards the athlete’s specific goal


Follow-Up Consultation – $75

Includes 30-45 minutes going over athlete’s progress, food log and upcoming competitions or performance issues


Team Planning – Starts at $250

Need help planning out nutritious meals for a group? This includes a detailed guide of where to stop, what to eat/order (recommendations based on pre/during/post workout), & what to bring on the plane/bus when planning travel for a team


Nutrition Presentations

Looking for a speaker or presenter for your nutrition-focused event?

Potential topics include:

  • Fueling the Athlete

  • Healthy Meals for the Corporate World

  • Specific Team Sports Nutrition 

  • Hydration 101

  • Healthy Weight Loss and/or Weight Gain

  • General Nutrition Q&A

Recipe Development 

​Creating healthy versions of your favorite foods is something I do on a daily basis. Let me help you show consumers how they can use your product to support their healthy lifestyles. 


Send an email to to set up an appointment!


  • I do not accept insurance. I’m happy to provide you with an invoice if you would like to submit a healthcare claim for reimbursement on your own, but there is no guarantee they will approve it. 

  • Sessions will be conducted via phone, Skype, or, if desired, in person (in the Dallas area). If you are local, a follow up session can also be cashed in for a grocery store tour, where I can point out items that are specifically fit to your meal plan, work on label reading and why some options are better than others.